The Weekender Duffel


The Luxury Labels Weekender Duffel Bag measures 24″x12″x12″ and weighs approximately 1&1/2 pounds. The Weekender comes with an identification tag securely fastened with leather trimmings. An additional side slot leather strap makes allowance for easy placement and securing over the pull up handle of your checked luggage. Designed with five round brass knuckles on the bottom, the Luxury duffel sits slightly elevated from the floor enhancing it longevity and supreme look.

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Exquisitely handcrafted from top-grain American buffalo leather, the Luxury Labels weekender duffel bag is the perfect choice for a quick getaway from the daily hustle. Solid Italian hardware is married into leather loops that ensure a firm grip when placing your duffel into the overhead cabin. Enhanced with features such as pinstripe lining and compartmentalized slots for travel documents. It also features conveniently sized pockets and slots for writing accessories. A separate footwear compartment makes it possible to have a complete ensemble in one bag. The Luxury Labels’ Weekender duffel gives you that peace of mind just in case your checked piece of luggage gets lost.


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