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20″ Bronze Pagoda Sword & Sheath


An ancient place of worship which was originally used to store valuable artifacts and important and sacred relics, the Pagoda is a tiered tower built with multiple eaves. It is was usually made of wood which lasts for a very long time and designed by locking the timber planks with ancient techniques rather than using nails or screws. Many original pagodas still stand firm today and there are many which are made of stone and granite as well.


This ancient Pagoda sword can be kept in your home to ward off bad luck.Created using an approximation of the original production methods,the sword measures about 20 inches long.Not necessarily designed to be used as a weapon,the double edged blade and point is fairly sharp. The grip is meticulously designed creating a  perfect balance when placed into the Pagoda Sheath. A masterpiece for your home.

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Dimensions20 × 3 in


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