Meroma Coffee…Wake The F**K UP!

There are things in life you can live without; great coffee is not  one of them! How else would you wake up every morning? I mean, yeah, you would open your eyes when that alarm clock shocks you out of bed, but that would be pretty much it. Your whole morning routine becomes a sluggish, zombie like chore, until well into your day. That's no way to live in my opinion. So, for all you none coffee drinkers out there, we extend our sincere, heartfelt sympathies. I will raise a cup in your name in the morning!

To our fellow coffee connoisseurs, allow us to introduce our exclusive blend and roast, Meroma..authentic St.Lucian,organically grown coffee. A coffee that is as distinguished in it's flavor, as it is in it's aroma. Full bodied and satisfying, Meroma is guaranteed to please the most discerning of pallets. The fertile volcanic soil of St.Lucia, coupled with it's very mountainous terrain, is perfect for producing exceptional coffee beans. All coffee beans grown on the island of Saint Lucia are of the highest grade.Luxury Labels' Meroma coffee beans however, are sourced exclusively, from only two local farmers who have dedicated their whole lives to doing one thing, growing coffee. We select the best of the best from these beans, resulting in a relatively small batch, then deliver them to be roasted.

Meroma coffee beans are painstakingly slow roasted by hand, in the traditional Saint Lucian method. The methods and technics utilized by our roaster have been perfected through generations, resulting in beans that unleash their full aroma and flavor when grounded and brewed.

A great cup of coffee is not made in the morning. A great cup of coffee takes years to make, generations even. A truly great cup of coffee embodies all the knowledge, attention, effort and care placed in nurturing the coffee beans. Every single bean of our Meroma coffee is infused with the skill and experience of every individual who had a hand in producing it. We sincerely thank each one!

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