Leather Travel Bags.

Choosing Leather Travel Bags There are many types of leather travel bags on the market today. Leather is a great material for luggage, especially because it is durable and reliable. This type of luggage is also known for its vintage look, which is a very appealing feature. Leather travel bags are a good way to protect your belongings from spills and leaks. They also come in a variety of styles. Some are simple, while others are bold and striking. Choosing the right one for your needs will help you pack for a weekend trip. The full grain of leather is the best quality, and it will last for years to come. Moreover, it can be a lot cheaper than some other materials. Another important factor to consider when choosing a travel bag is its size. This is particularly important if you will be using it on a long flight. Having...
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Italian handmade silk ties.

Italian ties are known for their impeccable craftsmanship. They come in different styles, colors, and materials. They are easy to match with different clothing styles. You can even have a tie with a special pattern. Made in Italy ties are more than just a symbol of luxury. They are a symbol of the highest manufacturing standards. In fact, these ties can be the best in the world. Aside from their great craftsmanship, they also feature beautiful designs. Handmade Italian ties are made from the finest silk. This silk comes from the region of Como in the north of Italy. It was founded in the 1400s and is now one of the most well-known places for silk production in the world. Another brand, Fumagalli 1891, offers ties that are created from different materials. For example, it is possible to get a tie in silver or gold. Some ties also feature geometric...
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It has been widely accepted that humans did not always walk upright, as we do today. Somewhere along the way some guy got tired of crawling around and just figured, "to hell with it, I'm standing on my own two feet". Then, before you know it, whole clans are proudly walking tall. Then some guy, maybe that same guy who got tired of crawling, decided to tie some coconut skins to the soles of his feet and the first pair of shoes came into being. Fast forward thousands of years and those coconut skins have given way to some pretty awesome footwear. Yet, despite the fact that there is such awe inspiring footwear to choose from, some men still seem to be ok with slipping on inferior quality shoes. Well, we at Luxury Labels frown upon such bad behavior, and consider those poor quality shoes to be the coconut skins...
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Meroma Coffee…Wake The F**K UP!

There are things in life you can live without; great coffee is not  one of them! How else would you wake up every morning? I mean, yeah, you would open your eyes when that alarm clock shocks you out of bed, but that would be pretty much it. Your whole morning routine becomes a sluggish, zombie like chore, until well into your day. That's no way to live in my opinion. So, for all you none coffee drinkers out there, we extend our sincere, heartfelt sympathies. I will raise a cup in your name in the morning! To our fellow coffee connoisseurs, allow us to introduce our exclusive blend and roast, Meroma..authentic St.Lucian,organically grown coffee. A coffee that is as distinguished in it's flavor, as it is in it's aroma. Full bodied and satisfying, Meroma is guaranteed to please the most discerning of pallets. The fertile volcanic soil of St.Lucia,...
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Men's cologne3.5 Oz Eau De Parfum Spray

Our Signature Men’s Cologne

Our Men’s Cologne..Volare Di NotteOlfactory! We have to admit that the word sounds strange, like something you would angrily shout at some idiot driver  who just cut you off in traffic. "Hey, what the olfactory are you doing?!!".Truth is however, that this seemingly menacing word is  associated with one of our most intimate senses, our sense of smell. We humans experience the world everyday through our five senses, yet our sense of smell is most linked to memory and is responsible for many moments of nostalgia. How many times have you gotten a whiff of some random scent and it takes you back to a long lost moment from your past? Our sense of smell is extremely important, that's as obvious as the nose on your face. The moral of the story is this...if our sense of smell is so important in our lives, then how we smell is as...
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Men's Basic Style Guide ...An Overview In this article, we will share with you our thoughts on what we believe are the absolute essentials for every man to incorporate into his wardrobe.Owning and operating a men's clothing store in St.Lucia, we have acquired a sort of sixth sense in understanding what is necessary for a man to look his very best.The first thing to keep in mind when getting dressed is the occasion.If you live on the island of St.Lucia then you need not worry about the second factor influencing your wardrobe ..seasons. The first step is actually deciding to look and dress better, but since you're reading this we're guessing that's a decision you've already made.You might be tempted now to just run out and start buying things that simply look good, before you do that however,you must first be sure that the pieces you get go well together.You...
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