Men’s Basic Style Guide…An Overview

Men's Basic Style Guide ...An Overview

In this article, we will share with you our thoughts on what we believe are the absolute essentials for every man to incorporate into his wardrobe.Owning and operating a men's clothing store in St.Lucia, we have acquired a sort of sixth sense in understanding what is necessary for a man to look his very best.The first thing to keep in mind when getting dressed is the occasion.If you live on the island of St.Lucia then you need not worry about the second factor influencing your wardrobe ..seasons.

The first step is actually deciding to look and dress better, but since you're reading this we're guessing that's a decision you've already made.You might be tempted now to just run out and start buying things that simply look good, before you do that however,you must first be sure that the pieces you get go well together.You might want to consider what we call foundation pieces of clothing that will be a staple in your wardrobe.Foundation pieces will enable you to mix and match.

We know that not all clothing is created equal in quality, prices vary greatly and certain brands of clothing are known for offering greater quality.Once you've decided on which brand of clothing you like, we advise that you stick with it.In staying loyal to one or two brands you will begin to familiarize yourself with the way they fit.Gradually build your wardrobe, buy pieces on an as needed basis, when buying clothing always try to picture what you're buying with what you already own.

What we refer to as specialty pieces, are items that are needed on special occasions ...weddings etc. A great suit, for example is a specialty piece. A man should always have at least one great suit handy.We believe that a suit is a real necessity in the life of a well dressed gentleman and a whole article is necessary when reading up on the characteristics of a great suit.

(We offer the best sport coats,blazers and men's suits in St.Lucia all handmade and at the best prices anywhere.)

So,once you've got your foundation and specialty pieces covered,your next step is to start injecting your personal style and personality into your look.Create your unique look with essential accessories like sunglasses,watches etc.We call these your statement pieces. Accessories complete your look and sends subtle signals that you are a man who pays great attention to details.

This article is the first of many to follow via our blog page and we invite you to leave your comments or contact us with any questions you may have.We will respond to every question,that's how serious we are about men's style and fashion.

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