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Handmade Italian Suits
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More About Our Vision 

At Luxury Labels we’re passionate about attention to detail and we apply that passion in the selection of our inventory.The items we sell are meticulously chosen and are of the highest quality.We are very proud of  everything we sell and delight in our clients leaving our store happy and satisfied.We started Luxury Labels Inc with three fundamental goals in mind.These are of equal importance to us and influence everything we do in business.

Exceptional Quality

Luxury Labels Inc. was started by two life long friends, born and raised on the island of St.Lucia. Frustrated with the lack of high quality merchandise and affordable pricing on the island,we decided to make it available.It has not been an easy task,to say the least,and continues to be a challenge everyday, however, hard work and determination bring us closer everyday to realizing the vision we started out with.We have partnered with some exceptional people in Italy, NYC and China to bring you the highest level of quality, style and beauty in everything we offer.Our standing promise to all our customers is that you will only get the very best at Luxury Labels Inc.

Exceptional Value

We all would expect to pay more for higher quality products and services.The questions we at Luxury Labels Inc asked ourselves is; How much more? How much is too much to pay for the higher quality you deserve? Our answer to those two questions is quite simple... you should not have to pay more.Higher prices do not always translate into higher quality and higher quality should not always translate into higher pricing. We offer all of our higher quality inventory at lower prices than other stores in our area, in spite of the fact that our merchandise is far more superior.We place more value on creating loyal customers through higher quality with affordability, than maximizing profits on every single sale.

Exceptional Customer Service

A business depends on it's clients for survival,without clients it would very quickly cease to exist.We keep this important fact in mind every single day we do business.From the sourcing of our merchandise to that final step of delivering to our clients.We are always focused on our customers' needs and do everything we can to meet them.We treat our customers with the utmost respect and professionalism and always go the extra mile to ensure that every client's shopping experience with us is nothing less than stellar.We offer our clients convenient special services like shopping by private appointment and custom ordering. We believe that sales is not the only factor that determines the success of a business. When a business can incorporate affordability,great value, and exceptional customer service, then it's chances for success are increased exponentially .

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